Global Spine Outreach

Transforming Children with Complex Spinal Deformities Around the World!

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Global Spine Outreach (GSO) is a nonprofit organization that brings medical treatment and care to children who suffer from life-threatening spinal abnormalities every day. These children often come from communities where they can’t access the medical attention they need. That’s where the team of clinicians at GSO comes in. Our surgeons, specialists, and volunteers travel around the world to perform spinal surgeries on children in need — free of charge.

Wondering how you can contribute? You can get involved in medical volunteer work or subscribe to our newsletter to learn more about our pediatric nonprofit.

Millions of children around the world are suffering from severe spinal deformities without the means of appropriate medical care within reach. AT GSO, we strive to relieve these children of their pain and transform their lives forever. Discover how you can become a volunteer, or make a donation today. Call (866) 476-0880 for more information.